Islam in My Heart

Islam began in around 610AD when Muhammad pbuh began to have spiritual visions.

Islam began in the hometown of Muhammad pbuh which is Makkah, in Arabia.

The major islamic literature is al-Quran.

4 major Islamic concepts is:

  • There is only one God, whom the muslims call Allah.
  • Jihad, or holy war is where the dedicated Islamic is willing sacrifice himself for his religion.
  • Islamic teaches that there are angels.
  • Islamic teaches that there are four inspired books which are the Torah(Taurat) , the al-Quran, the Psalms of David(Zabur), and the Bible(Injil).

The Islams believe that all save the al-Quran have been corrupted by the Jews and Christians.

Whatever it is, Islam is still the BEST!! Peace in ALLAH's love~


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