Pray For The People In Japan

 Let us Pray for the people in Japan. So far there are more people dead.
Tsunami waves sweep along Iwanuma in northern Japan on Friday. The earthquake slammed Japan's eastern coast and unleashed a 13-foot tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland.
Lord, at times such as this,
when we realize that the ground beneath our feet
is not as solid as we had imagined,
we plead for your mercy.
As the things we have built crumble about us,
we know too well how small we truly are
on this ever-changing, ever-moving,
fragile planet we call home.
Yet you have promised never to forget us.
Do not forget us now.
Today, so many people are afraid.
They wait in fear of the next tremor.
They hear the cries of the injured amid the rubble.
They roam the streets in shock at what they see.
And they fill the dusty air with wails of grief
and the names of missing dead.
Comfort them, Lord, in this disaster.
Be their rock when the earth refuses to stand still,
and shelter them under your wings when homes no longer exist.
Embrace in your arms those who died so suddenly this day.
Console the hearts of those who mourn,
and ease the pain of bodies on the brink of death.
Pierce, too, our hearts with compassion,
we who watch from afar,
as the poorest on this side of the earth
find only misery upon misery.
Move us to act swiftly this day,
to give generously every day,
to work for justice always,
and to pray unceasingly for those without hope.
And once the shaking has ceased,
the images of destruction have stopped filling the news,
and our thoughts return to life’s daily rumblings,
let us not forget that they are our brothers and sisters.
We are all the work of your hands.
For though the mountains leave their place
and the hills be tossed to the ground,
your love shall never leave us,
and your promise of peace will never be shaken.
Our help is in the name of the Lord,
who made heaven and earth.
Blessed be the name of the Lord,
now and forever.

Beauty Of English~

Beauty of ENGLISH...

Professor Ernest Brennecke of Columbia is credited with inventing a sentence that can be made to have eight different meanings by placing ONE WORD in all possible positions in the sentence: "I hit him in the eye yesterday".
The Query: What is this word...?
The Answer: The word is "ONLY".

The Message:
1. ONLY I hit him in the eye yesterday. (No one else did.)
2. I ONLY hit him in the eye yesterday. (Did not slap him.)
3. I hit ONLY him in the eye yesterday. (I did not hit others.)
4. I hit him ONLY in the eye yesterday. (I did not hit outside the eye.)
5. I hit him in ONLY the eye yesterday. (Not other organs.)
6. I hit him in the ONLY eye yesterday. (He doesn't have another eye.)
7. I hit him in the eye ONLY yesterday. (Not today.)
8. I hit him in the eye yesterday ONLY. (Did not wait for today.)

Happiness Comes From Giving

This story is about a beautiful, expensively dressed lady who complained to her psychiatrist that she felt that her whole life was empty, it had no meaning.

So, the lady went to visit a counselor to seek out happiness.
The counselor called over the old lady who cleaned the office floors. The counselor then said to the rich lady "I'm going to ask Mary here to tell you how she found happiness. All I want you to do is listen to her."

So the old lady put down her broom and sat on a chair and told her story:

 "Well, my husband died of malaria and three months later
my only son was killed by a car. I had nobody... I had nothing left. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I never smiled at anyone, I even thought of taking my own life. Then one evening a little kitten followed me home from work. Somehow I felt sorry for that kitten. It was cold outside, so I decided to let the kitten in. I got it some milk, and the kitten licked the plate clean.
 Then it purred and rubbed against my leg and for the first time in months, I smiled. Then I stopped to think, if helping a little kitten could make me smile, maybe doing something for people could make me happy. So the next day I baked some biscuits and took them to a neighbor who was sick in bed. Every day I tried to do something nice for someone.

It made me so happy to see them happy. Today, I don't know of anybody who sleeps and eats better than I do. I've found happiness, by giving it to others."

When she heard that the rich lady cried. She had everything that money could buy, but she had lost the things which money cannot buy.

Learn from yourself...

A wise man once spoke to an audience and cracked a joke. All laughed like crazy.
After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time.
He cracked the same joke again and again, when there was no laughter in the crowd, he smiled and said,

"When you can't laugh on the same joke again and again, then why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again?"

Bagaimana Jika Allah Mencintai Kita?

Lazimnya andai kita mencintai atau merindui seseorang, kita mempunyai keinginan untuk memberitahu orang lain. Seboleh-bolehnya biar semua orang tahu bahawa kita sedang mencintainya. Hati merasa bahagia andai perasaan itu dapat dikongsikan bersama.
Melalui jaringan sosial seperti Facebook dan Twitter, kita dapat membaca pelbagai luahan mereka yang sedang bercinta. Antaranya:
"Saya sayang abang."
"Saya rindu ibu."
"Saya cinta kamu semua."
Agaknya, bagaimana pula jika Allah mencintai seseorang?
Dalam satu hadis, Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda :
"Sesungguhnya Allah SWT jika mencintai seorang hamba, maka Dia memanggil malaikat Jibril dan berkata: "Wahai Jibril, aku mencintai orang ini maka cintailah dia!" Maka Jibril pun mencintainya, lalu Jibril mengumumkannya kepada seluruh penduduk langit dan berkata: "Wahai penduduk langit, sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang ini, maka cintai dia." Maka seluruh penduduk langit pun mencintainya. Kemudian orang itu pun dicintai oleh segenap makhluk Allah di muka bumi ini." (Hadis Riwayat Bukhari)
MasyaAllah! Lihatlah cinta Allah..Sungguh luar biasa hebat..
Ketika Allah mencintai seseorang, Allah yang Maha Agung tidak cukup dengan hanya mengatakan "Aku cinta si dia!"
Tetapi Allah memaklumkan kepada seluruh makhluk-Nya.
Apa kata Allah dalam hadis tersebut?
"Wahai Jibril, aku mencintai orang ini maka cintailah dia!"
Maka Jibril pun membuat pengumuman :
"Wahai penduduk langit, sesungguhnya Allah mencintai orang ini, maka cintai dia."
Kemudian orang itu pun dicintai oleh segenap makhluk Allah di muka bumi ini.
Oh Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim, bahagianya mereka yang benar-benar dicintai Allah. Pasti hidup mereka sentiasa tenang dan diberkati.
Bayangkan jika semua pembaca disayangi Allah SWT. Pasti dunia ini dipenuhi dengan kebahagiaan.
Tidakkah kita mahu menjadi seorang yang benar-benar dicintai Allah?
Namun, selama ini, cinta siapa yang kita kejar?
Credit: iluvislam


Ada lima jenis benteng pertahanan diri, keluarga dan harta benda yang boleh
diamalkan seperti berikut;
  1. Al-Muawwizat 
  2. Ayatul Kursi 
  3. Ayat 1 hingga 9 Surah Yaasin 
  4. Ayat Berkubu 
  5. Ayat Penggerak 


Al-Muawwizat iaitu; 
1. Surah Al-Ikhlas

2. Surah Al-Falaq 

3. Surah An-Naas 

  1. Lunjurkan kaki ke arah Qiblat 
  2. Mengangkat dua tangan seperti berdoa 
  3. Baca ayat-ayat Muawwizat sehingga selesai (tidak termasuk membaca Surah Al-Fatihah) 
  4. Tarik nafas kemudian tiup pada tapak tangan sehingga habis nafas 
  5. Tarik sikit nafas kemudian tahan nafas sambil menyapu tapak tangan keseluruh anggota badan yang boleh dicapai kecuali anggota sulit. 
  6. Lakukan sekali sebelum tidur & selepas solat subuh setiap hari 

Allah, tidak ada Tuhan (yang berhak disembah) melainkan Dia Yang Hidup kekal lagi terus menerus mengurus (makhluk-Nya), tidak mengantuk dan tidak tidur. Kepunyaan-Nya apa yang di langit dan di bumi. Tiada yang dapat
memberi syafaat di sisi Allah tanpa izin-Nya. Allah mengetahui apa-apa yang
di hadapan mereka dan di belakang mereka, dan mereka tidak mengetahui
apa-apa dari ilmu Allah melainkan apa yang dikehendaki-Nya.  Kursi Allah
meliputi langit dan bumi. Dan Allah tidak merasa berat memelihara keduanya,
dan Allah Maha Tinggi lagi Maha Besar.
(Surah Al-Baqarah ayat  255)

  1. Baca Ayatul Kursi dengan 9 wakaf 
  2. Untuk melindungi diri sendiri: selepas baca ayatul kursi tiup disekeliling mengikut pergerakan tawaf kaabah, dengan niat melindung diri. 
  3. Untuk melindungi rumah: baca ayatul kursi sambil berjalan mengelilingi rumah (mengikut pergerakan seperti tawaf kaabah). Berjalan sama ada didalam atau diluar rumah. 



(1) Yaa Siin. (2) Demi Al Qur'an yang penuh hikmah, (3) sesungguhnya kamu
salah seorang dari rasul-rasul, (4) (yang berada) di atas jalan yang lurus,
(5) (sebagai wahyu) yang diturunkan oleh Yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha
Penyayang, (6) agar kamu memberi peringatan kepada kaum yang bapak-bapak mereka belum pernah diberi peringatan, karena itu mereka lalai.(7)
Sesungguhnya telah pasti berlaku perkataan (ketentuan Allah) terhadap
kebanyakan mereka, karena mereka tidak beriman. (8) Sesungguhnya Kami telah memasang belenggu di leher mereka, lalu tangan mereka (diangkat) ke dagu, maka karena itu mereka tertengadah. (9) Dan Kami adakan di hadapan mereka dinding dan di belakang mereka dinding (pula), dan Kami tutup (mata) mereka sehingga mereka tidak dapat melihat.

  1. Untuk memagar diri, keluarga dan harta benda 
  2. Berdiri disatu penjuru rumah (katakan dihadapan rumah sebelah kanan) sambil menghadap penjuru rumah satu lagi iaitu dikiri rumah. Baca surah Al-fatihah diikuti Surah Yaasin ayat 1~9. Sambil baca, sambil berjalan menuju kepenjuru rumah satu lagi. (Ikut arah Tawaf Kaabah). Baca kombinasi ini di setiap penjuru iaitu sampai bertemu penjuru yang mula-mula. Jumlahnya 4 kali. Akhir sekali baca kombinasi ini sambil mengisyarat mendinding keseluruhan bumbung rumah. 



Aku berlindung dengan Allah daripada syaitan yang direjam. Aku berkubu
dengan kubu Tiada Tuhan yang disembah melainkan Allah dan nabi Muhamad

  1. Berdiri menghadap kiblat (ke arah barat). Baca ayat ini kemudian tiup sehingga habis nafas ke hadapan sambil menoleh kanan ke kiri. 
  2. Pusing ke arah kiri (sekarang berdiri ke arah selatan), Baca ayat ini kemudian tiup sehingga habis nafas ke hadapan sambil menoleh kanan ke kiri. 
  3. Lakukan perkara yang sama untuk arah timur dan utara 
  4. Berpaling semula ke arah kiblat, baca lagi kemudian tiup kebawah sehingga habis nafas. Baca lagi kemudian tiup kearah atas sehingga habis nafas 
  5. Akhir sekali (bacaan yang ke-7), baca ayat ini kemudian tarik nafas dan tahan nafas seberapa lama yang boleh kemudian hembus. 



Dengan nama Allah, yang tidak memberikan mudarat sesuatu dibumi juga
dilangit dan Dia maha mendengar lagi maha mengetahui.

  1. Bila hendak pergi kesesuatu tempat yang berisiko atau merbahaya, atau bermusafir atau balik kampung atau hendak membuat sesuatu perkerjaan yang berisiko atau pulang kerumah daripada melakukan sesuatu perkerjaan yang berisiko, maka baca ayat ini tujuh kali. 
  2. Jika bacaan tersekat-sekat atau ada gangguan ketika membaca ayat ini, berehat dahulu. Setelah berehat baca lagi sehingga tujuh kali bacaan lancar baru teruskan perjalanan atau perkerjaan tersebut. 

CAUTION!! It maybe have been Watermelon from Cameron Highland Malaysia!!

Dear all 

Many like to serve fruit as dessert after meals - easy cut and lots of fluids
 -caution - discovery - planters in Camerons don't eat them - they only sell them. Why? 

Dear Friends,

I have now received confirmation from a good friend who leases land to
 farmers to plant watermelons and these farmers out of courtesy told my good friend not to eat watermelons because of excessive poisons in the fruit. So, take care. 

We all love watermelons right? It is a must as dessert at weddings and
 birthdays, or at the 5 star hotel buffets. But do you realize that WATERMELON IS DANGEROUS? 

This is because the watermelon planters put Furadan, a powerful 
insecticide (a poison), into the soil before planting the watermelon to kill and keep away insects, especially ants. 

Experts confirm that Furadan is active for one whole year(12 months),
 and is most powerful and effective during the first 90 days. 

The problem is this: The watermelons mature and are picked after 55 
days, when Furadan is still powerful, and a lot of it is INSIDE THE WATERMELONS! 

Meaning the watermelon is filled with poison! Furadan especially 
DAMAGES THE KIDNEYS the organs which have to filter pollution from the blood! 

From now on I will stick to the bananas and papayas, for the sake of
 my poor kidneys.

Religion By Numbers

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world.

and the fastest growing religion in the world is Christians.

Although Islam is often portrayed as a Middle Eastern religion, most of the world's Muslims live in Asia. (proud to be Asean)

Take care~

Take care of your health...I've no idea~